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Dog Play

Dog Play days
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DOG DAYS... of play!

Play day requirements are:

  • Your dog has to be able to play in groups with others

  • Up to date on vaccinations


If your dog can NOT attend a scheduled play day please let us know within 24h, so we can fill the spot with another dog that would like to come for some fun.

If the play day has to be canceled due to bad weather Michelle will let you know as soon as possible or by 6am that day.



Single    $18                     

5 pack   $85                   

10 pack  $160                   

20 pack  $300                 

A part of the pack

With lots of playtimes and daily pack walks in our off-leash areas your dog is guaranteed to get lots of exercise during the day and will be able to socialize with their friends for hours at a time. 


When the weather is not appropriate to play outside, we shorten our outdoor playtime and the dogs can stay warm indoors until they are ready to go back outside. We love the fact that we have many dogs that have been coming for years and have made and bonded with some of their best friends right here at camp.  Once your beloved pup has attended a few play days you will notice a change in their natural energy and willingness to play.

Off to doggie day camp!

Just like people dogs get lonely! Do you have to work away from home during the day? We have a solution to leaving your pet home alone, locked in a kennel.


Monday to Thursday we offer play days where you can drop off your dog for some fun play time with many friends. This is a great way to keep your dog socialized and give him the opportunity to burn a lot of energy.

We spend many hours at our own 1 acre and 5 acre off leash parks and in the summer we have the 800 gallon pool to swim in.

We are open for play days

Monday - Thursday from 7am - 4:30pm

There are limited spaces available so check for availability on our online booking app.

We offer:

Full days $18 +GST

Half days $9 + GST 

Play packages are also available. ( see pricing below in yellow box)

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