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Boarding request
Boarding Request

We MUST meet all dogs before you can automatically book in.


Please fill out this request and we will contact you to meet your dog if we have availability.


**This is reserved for dogs we have NOT met!  If we have not met your dog, please use the form below

Thank you, we will contact you to arrange to meet you and your dog(s)

Boarding Rules

Where dogs get to be dogs!

​​​At LIVING PRAIRIE K9 SOLUTIONS both short and long-term boarding options are available.   Once your dog checks-in, they stay in the same pen with their own belongings for the duration of the stay.   With private kennels inside our main building and our fenced-off dog park, your dog is able to rest up by themselves after they play and go on several pack walks with their friends each day.  


With large tractor tires, an 800-gallon swimming pool in the summer, and our off-leash parks (1 one-acre park and 1 five-acre park) all securely fenced in to keep your dog safe to run and roll in during our pack walks, tag quickly becomes a favorite game and is an amazing way for your dog to get lots of exercise and the benefit of learning exceptional social skills. 


To ensure our very small dogs are safe we let them play in their own areas to ensure they don’t get trampled by big dogs that are having fun. They too go on several walks every day.

A great home away from home

Our kennel offers 20 pens and cates in different sizes that the dogs will call their own while they are staying here. No other dogs will use that pen/crate during their stay so their own belongings will be safe.



​​$30/day - 1st dog
$25/day - 2nd dog
$20/day - per extra dog if they share a pen (maximum three small dogs or two large dogs to a pen

Monthly Rate - 20% off regular rate

We offer:

  • Crates for those dogs that prefer staying in a crate or their owners want to continue with the consistency of crate training. We have different size crates that will be suitable for your size dog

  • 4’ x 4’ pens with 5ft high panels for small to medium size dogs

  • 5’ x 5’ pens with 5ft high panels for large dogs or multiple dogs (multiple dogs only from the same family if requested)

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 7.46.38 PM.png

Outside we have 3 large play areas for the big dogs to play in groups and 2 smaller areas for the little dogs. They are all surrounded by an 8ft wind break fence to block us from the wind and weather and allow for comfortable playtime.

For our off-leash playtime and walks we offer 1 one-acre park and 1 five-acre park that is all securely fenced in to keep your dogs safe and allow for them to run free. This is not only fun but it burns a lot of energy and keeps the dogs happy.

Our kennel does not have any doggie doors. Everything is very hands-on and we ensure your dogs needs are meet. We always know where everyone is because we put them there.

Requirements for your dog to be suitable for our kennel:

  • Your dog must be comfortable playing in groups with other suitable dogs. We match dogs up with care and make sure they have the same energy and playstyles to keep it fun for everyone

  • New clients must book a meet and greet before they can be booked for a camp stay

We can accommodate dogs at no extra cost that:

  • Need medication

  • Have special needs due to age

  • Need meals at certain times

  • Are on a raw food diet

Not accepted at our kennel:​

We do not accept

  • Aggressive dogs

  • Intact male dogs over 8 months old

Read our boarding contract: 

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